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Freelance Writer for Hire

You want a freelance writer who loves what she does because it shows in your content — that’s me. I’ll put a creative spin on it. Hire me and we’ll find the right words for any digital or print content you want to best represent you or your brand: web copy, press releases, blog posts, social media profiles or your CV. Everyone needs a professional writer from time to time.

Family brands and animal content


If your niche involves animals or children, that’s my area too. I’ve been in digital marketing long enough to offer careers advice, but also trained in wildlife photography and anthrozoology. Later, I became a step Mum and Mum. This means I keep a watchful eye on the family market, but can and do write on any topic.

Spinning Ideas for Communication

Bobbin: A reel, cylinder, or spool upon which yarn or thread is wound, as used in spinning, machine sewing, etc.

Every word you send out to your audience says something about you. Every single one. I don’t spin thread, but ideas to tell your story. I’m the Bobbin.

Idea: A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

Words don’t sit in isolation, they need context. From a web page or blog post, to an event listing or company announcement, I can help define your brand identity.

Communication: The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

A multi-talented writer with years of experience can step in quickly to help grow your business. I’ll help you send out a more powerful message to your customers.

Words on tap, whenever you need them

Hiring a freelance writer doesn’t have to be a regular commitment. Sometimes you just want an expert eye cast over your press release or have a ghostwriter step in to finish your blog post; I can dip in and out of your editorial needs. Moz recommended content marketing agencyHop Online, says it’s:

“a real pleasure working with someone so genuine and invested, and we’d recommend [Natalie] to anyone looking for a top-notch content creator.”

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