If Writing About Your Business Leaves you Tongue-Tied Learn to Loosen Up


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It’s not unusual to feel like a rabbit trapped in headlights when it comes to writing about your business.

What if you get something wrong?

What if you make a mistake?

Truth is, there is no right or wrong. It’s your business and your vision, so how you talk about it is up to you. If your home page is stuck in a rut or you’ve yet to find a successful approach to content marketing, make a change. There’s no-one to stop you but you.

Mass exposure

If you’re new to digital publishing, knowing your content could be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world can be daunting. You want your work to capture attention, but for all the right reasons.

Fear of saying something silly can leave you afraid to start a blog or promote your business online. But what happens when you get uptight about digital content? Nothing happens – that’s what.


Diddly squat.


Customers have nothing to look at and, therefore, nothing to associate with your brand.

It’s time to make your words flow.

No need to get in a flap

What’s the worst that can happen?

— Your new product page doesn’t go down as well as you hoped: Type over it. Start again.

— Your tweet attracts the wrong kind of follower: Delete it; re-phrase it for another day.

— E-newsletter has a typo? Out of luck. You still gotta pay attention! This isn’t about producing sloppy content you can put out on a whim. It’s about delivering high-quality material you can test for success quickly and easily through digital media.


If you’re not sure where to start, ask others for help to identify your strongest assets:

1. Talk with your long-suffering supporters

Unless you work in an isolation booth, running your own business has an impact on your nearest and dearest. In fact, the support of your partner can ultimately affect your success. If you’ve lost focus on what you set out to do, talk to those who have encouraged your dream from the very beginning. They could be clueless about what you actually do for a living but you can bet they offer the most accurate observations on what you’re doing.

One passing remark from the right person can resonate far deeper than any amount of ‘how to’ guides you can read.

2. Your team is an asset

If you hire the right people and inspire them to walk beside you on your journey, not beneath you, they can share your goals. So, they might not know how to sell or market your business, but perhaps they spend every evening on Facebook and always know what’s trending? Now that, you can use. Welcome content ideas from your team – it doesn’t have to be a big admin task. Who knows what grand master plan could come of it.

Use your team as your eyes and ears to spot opportunities for new content ideas. << Tweet this!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers

When customers told WeBuyAnyCar they could sell their car privately for more money, owners of the online car sales service asked them how much their evenings and weekends are worth. Are they more valuable than the time-sucking aggravation that comes with a private sale? For many, no, absolutely not. Ask customers for feedback on what they think of your service then hone in on the negative criticism to turn it around.

The more you know about your customer, the more you know what influences their decision. Make this the feature of the next piece of content you share online.

Tongues will wag

So long as you just make a start, words and language can be subtly changed as you go along; your readers will tell you what they do or don’t want to see more of.

If you struggle to hit the right chord with them, hire a professional. But first, you’ve got to give your audience something to talk about.

Write out a list of 10 content ideas to make a start today.

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Natalie Smithson Freelance Writer Natalie Smithson is a freelance business writer and offers writing services plus marketing, editorial and comms support for busy people like you. Join her on Twitter.

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