Natalie Smithson

Who is Natalie Smithson and will we hit it off?

How do you know if I’m the writer FOR YOU – because I’ve always been a bit creative (READ: QUIRKY) AND have a way with words?

You’ll find a stack of testimonials on my LinkedIn page from other people, but you want to know if I’m the right person to help grow *your* small business.

IS THAT Natalie Smithson IN THE PHOTO?

Yeah, but don’t worry. I’m (much) older now and write a lot better than I can draw. Here’s what I’ve been doing since then…

  • Started out in qualitative market research for the world’s largest advertising company (WPP), surrounded by campaigns like the first high-tech ad from Guinness and Levi’s Flat EricBecame a seasoned pro in confidentiality, so your plans for development are safe with me.

  • Trained in journalism on the side, then psychology. Most years since I’ve taken a new course, like some kind of learning and discovery junkie. If your product or service needs a bit of investigation, I’m happy to explore.

  • Lived in London and Oxford doing marketing for people like Taylor & Francis and The National Autistic Society. Evolved into a digital hybrid: part geek, part creative. I appreciate both art and science drive your business.
  • Took a year out to volunteer at animal shelters in Asia and South America. Went on to study wildlife photography, then filming with Wildeye (who I was later Editor for). If your business is in any way related to animals, I’ve got it covered.

“Natalie was efficient, creative and a joy to work with. We were very sad when she had to move on and we’d happily employ her again. Highly recommended!” — Piers Warren, MD at Wildeye

Animals Children

  • Did my postgrad in anthrozoology (human-animal studies) whilst managing digital marketing for a tech startup. When I started a family, the 9-5 work model fell at the first hurdle so I shook things up. If you stand up for flexible working, I’m with you.

“[Natalie] is able to verbalize and conceptualize ideas in a clear manner, resulting in coherent, well thought out and imaginative briefs that are a pleasure to work on. She is also friendly and thoughtful, taking on board other people’s creative input and making decisions in a timely and consistent manner.” — Katie Steed, Creative Director at Slurpy Studies

  • Now? Still Bobbin About the internet, enjoying my business. I’m instinctively drawn to marketing projects that need imaginative copy and an open mind. You benefit from my eclectic experience and an unbeatable sense of enthusiasm.