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Need a copywriter? Buy a full day of copy goodness

When you need a copywriter, you need a copywriter…

And you know something others don’t. (Smart cookie, you.)

That small investment is *nothing* compared to the return.

Business owners who choose:
— strong copy over weak copy
— engaging copy, not lazy copy
— professional copy instead of free copy
Well, those business owners reap bigger rewards.

That deep connection with your reader = more sales + more £££ in your pocket.

Copywriter ON TAP

Signing a copywriting contract is non-negotiable – it’s how things roll at Bobbin About. But you don’t want to sign one for every project we ever do.

That’s why you can buy my services by the day.

Like the most delicious cake, layer it up with whichever copywriting tasks you need to check off your list first. (At Bobbin About, there are *always* sprinkles on top.)


Here’s the deal. You pay upfront for one or two days of copywriting services. (Business owners who hire copywriters are used to that, right?)

I spend that time buffing and polishing the message your customer most needs to hear.

Buy 1 day of copywriting services: £390

Buy 2 days of copywriting services: £720 (save £60)

It’s difficult for either of us to know what you need until a cold, hard brief is on the table. Still, I can give you an idea of what I can – and can’t – do in that time, if you’d like?

The Bobbin Brain

They say you can buy TWO of these three things: Good. Fast. Cheap.  But never all three.

That’s great. Because I don’t do cheap copy. Who wants to read that?

I do good and fast copy, but there are only 7.5 hours in my working day. How you fill those hours depends on how well we know one another…

Why? Because research and discovery is the linchpin of my process.

Show and tell

Here are some of the things I’ve achieved in 1 day for a client whose audience I know really well:

  • 1500-word timeline for a celebratory 30th-anniversary web page
  • Communications plan for stakeholders and online community
  • Analysing data to write the story for an infographic

If I don’t yet know what excites your reader or what they engage with, this same amount of time is spent finding out — then I move onto writing the copy.

You should know: In 1 day we can work towards your copy goal and lay the foundation for success (research, brainstorming, planning, goal-setting, defining your audience, etc.), or I can write the copy. It’s rare to get both in that time.

Do you know what else is rare?

Finding a copywriter you gel with on every level. When you do, a day rate is a simple way to secure the same unwavering value time and time again.

you need a copywriter (& NEED ONE NOW)

Tell me what you need. If a day or two will cover it, I’ll send you an invoice and get started (so long as the invoice is paid straight away).

Buy 1 day of copywriting services

Buy space in my brain.

£390 – Buy Now

Buy 2 days of copywriting services

More layers and MORE sprinkles on top!

£720 (save £60) – Buy Today

“2 days aint gonna cover it, lady!”

If you need longer than a couple of days, it’s probably best we have a chat about this big ol’ project of yours.

Email me or use the form below to make the first move.