Choose a copywriter - Natalie Smithson | Head hurts

I don’t mind what you want to write, only how we say it

I like projects that make my head hurt.

It’s a big deal when you have to choose a copywriter. You know what you want to say but you need the right person to help get it out. And every writer’s different.

Me? I like to get to the bottom of stuff.

I like to dig deep.

If you work with emotional complexities or with digital developments that twist our communal melon, that’s my kinda thing.

Maybe you’re creative or a bit left of centre? Right up my street!

Projects that make us a little bit uncomfortable – morbid, even – they’re irresistible. Like working out what happens to our digital assets when we die.

That’s my bag.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~ Alice in Wonderland


If you’re curiouser and curiouser about how this copywriting lark works, here’s roughly how it goes:

We talk

First, a half hour discovery call so you can tell me about your project. It’s clear early on if we’re on the same wavelength. Yes? Bingo!

We negotiate

I send you a proposal. This sets the scope of the project, so how much I can do in however much time for however much money. We pinpoint your BIG goal and I work backwards to figure out how better copy or content can help with that.

We commit

All good? Time to sign a contract. Essentially, this buys you space in my head. For I won’t just be working on your project 9-5 Monday to Friday. Nope. I bear your project wherever I go. You don’t pay for the words I write, you invest in the time it takes to think them through.

We nail it

Whoever it is you’re writing for or about, I research them and get to know their every foible. Then I write for them using words they want to hear. It might take a couple more edits to bring it home, but that’s the process. It’s not short and it’s not cheap, but it works.

CHOOSE a copywriter

Not every copywriting or marketing project is complex. Sometimes you have a brief you want fulfilling. I’m cool with that. Other times, you’re in a jam and just need some hired help.

The thing I love most about my business is you can come to me with just about anything.

Surprise me!



Ps. If you’re in Southam, Leamington, Warwick, Coventry, Daventry or Rugby, we can have some of our meetings in person.

OK, OK. Stratford too. Because I love the damn place.