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CV or LinkedIn review for your fans

If you want an employer or associate to be your next biggest fan, your CV or LinkedIn profile has to hit the right note.

What I had before looks like it was written by a five-year-old!” – unidentified Administrator; let’s call him Bill

Sadly, most of what we learn about how to construct a good CV comes from a tip our teacher gave us back in school. Bill had a good CV but didn’t realise just how great it could be until we edited it. He focused on the information a bog standard CV is supposed to include, not on how he shaped the contents of it.

Finding the right words

Most people find it difficult to talk about themselves. Often, what people write in their professional profile isn’t “wrong” in any true sense of the word. It’s just not helping them as much as it could.

Natalie has a knack for letting people know what they need to change without making them feel belittled.” – John, Engineer

John has an impressive CV, read it thoroughly and anyone can see that. But not every CV gets the attention it deserves. Often, it’s not powerful enough to enthral a busy recruiter. Perhaps your contribution is undetermined or your biggest asset hangs like an apology at the end. Let’s give it some oomph!

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Send me what you’ve got and I’ll help you reveal the best version of yourself we can squeeze onto two sides of A4. Get a balanced view on:

  • Format
  • Grammar
  • Clarity
  • Perception
  • Style

Tell me about your dream job and I’ll help you construct a CV that hits the sweet spot with employers.

Let’s talk about your CV

LinkedIn profile review

If you run a business, head up a team or are chasing that dream job, a strong LinkedIn profile counts towards your professional credits. I use mine to promote my business: Natalie Smithson, but you’ll have your own agenda.

Still, it’s not really about you at all…

People don’t want to read your LinkedIn profile and know what you did. They want to know if you’re the right person to do it for them. Are you attracting the right business connections?

Send me a link to your profile

Something else you want me to look at? Drop me a line and I’ll give you a quote for a professional review.

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