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I’m not sure what kind of freelance writer you’re used to, but with this one you get the whole shebang

You’ll be amazed by all the other things a copywriter can do.

You could say I’m a freelance writer or that I write for businesses, but you get more than copywriting, content, and marketing support. You get creative ideas to plug complex problems, dependable support for the growth of your business, and always with a smile : -)

“Natalie is very easy to work with – she understood the brief immediately, made suggestions for improvements and produced the finished articles quickly. Her writing skills are excellent.” — Katharine Henley, owner of  The Kids Bedroom Company

Here are a few case studies involving some of the content agencies, non-profits, startups and entrepreneurs who benefitted from using Bobbin About:



A popular charity is re-branding for the first time since its inception. They need help to introduce a pioneering new approach to supporters and gracefully manage the response.


In preparation for the charity’s biggest announcement to date, the launch is meticulously planned. I join the communications team a few months before the re-brand goes live, so I can get to know and understand their community. As a result, I can be more influential.


By listening to the charity’s online community I was able to help the communications team reinforce their new brand message in a language clients and supporters respond to. Active engagement within their community encourages social sharing and a sense of belonging, which we deepen with marketing campaigns, blog content written by me, PR and events. Internally, a lot changed to become more responsive and I delivered social media training.

BIG WIN: Community support for several TV appearances and a £220,000 donation from The Times Appeal. An individual donor was “so impressed with the lovely, informative tweets, she looked at [their] website, phoned through and donated”.

“Nat has been a great asset offering creativity and attention to detail with a great understanding of social networks. She’s really helped us develop our voice and create really strong engaging content.” — Sarah Watson, Communications Manager at Dogs for Good



Digital agency, OST, is launching a brand new blog for one of the biggest animal healthcare providers in the world. It’s got to be good.


Interviews take place with the client to fully understand the product and audience. To bring a list of content ideas to life, the client needs a writer with experience in this area to present complex scientific messages to farmers in a useful and engaging fashion.


Working closely together, the client, agency, and freelance writer can pull together a bank of blog content that flows, ready for ongoing publication. My research leads me to suggest ideas for new themes and, through the writing process, I detect where we can improve. Feedback from readers and web analytics tell us what works best, so the client can continue to delight readers with valuable content I produce that informs and enthrals.

BIG WIN: A gold award for Best Business Blog in the Digital Awards 2016.

“A first class example of understanding your audience and delivering the goods, time after time. Great images, captivating copy. Solid gold!” — Judges at the Cambridge Digital Awards 2016



The client wants to produce a comprehensive and unbiased consumer guide for the UK telematics industry in collaboration with a content marketing agency, Hop Online.


To produce a guide packed full of up-to-date, relevant information about every provider, we did a mystery shop. I created a back story and called each company (including our client) to have a conversation with them based on the same set of questions.


Our brave approach challenged the client to be part of the research in order to produce the most helpful, balanced piece of content for the reader. It means the client can also identify strengths and weaknesses in their own product to deliver an even greater service as a leader in their field. The guide will be published in 2017 and has helped shape the content plan for a new blog series.

“Natalie never fails to deliver quality content on time. Often times she has suggestions and ideas that prove to be useful and help us improve our work. Natalie is highly reliable… and not afraid to improvise and grow.” — Nikolay Linkov, Project Manager at Hop Online


Craft the perfect message

In an unforeseen acquisition, baby product design and manufacturer, Solution EU, has an exciting but delicate announcement to make in a prominent trade magazine. The message has to be clear. I crafted the press release and took the print liaison off their hands too.

Delegate PR to a freelance writer

When Jody Fletcher won the Venus Business Mother of the Year award in 2014 she was thrilled but had no time to write about it for her blog or social channels. I used the information she sent me, spoke to the organisers, and wrote the announcement for her.

“Natalie quickly understood what I was looking to achieve and wrote in my style.” — Jody Fletcher of Chilli Promotional Products


Find your feet

You’ve got a rock solid business plan, financial backing, oodles of enthusiasm, and wonder if a freelance writer can help you get the word out. Cera, for example, has already received millions of pounds worth of investment, joined forces with the NHS, and teamed up with Uber to disrupt home care services for seniors. Helping with writing blog posts and other marketing materials, and developing a content plan are just the kind of areas where I excel.

Super SPECIFIc help & ideas

Department of Wild Talents wants to brainstorm ideas for writing a report. A few pointers here and there, and they’re back to doing what they do best: influencer marketing.

An administrator wants a new job and has to spruce up his professional profile. I show him which bits to accentuate in his CV and how to format it to captivate recruiters. He says:

“What I had before looks like it was written by a five-year-old!” –  ‘Rockstar’ (not his real name, obviously…)

The Digital Marketing Institute wants to encourage more students to join our industry, but how? I write about my experiences in digital marketing to help inspire others.

To produce award-winning content, pull off an imaginative solution, or make a success of a re-brand, it really is a team effort: You and me.

What are you working on today?

Absorbed in your business, every now and then you’ll pop your head up in need of a spare pair of hands or an extra brain… you can call on me.


ps. Like every freelance writer, I’ve got an online portfolio where you can read more writing samples but they’re not written for you or your audience. We should start from scratch to build a stronger connection with your customers — you can start by reading my eBook.