10 Ways I Can Help You


Rewrite or repurpose content — #01

If the words on your website don’t represent your ethos, or you want something serious to be fun on social, send me what you’ve got and I’ll give your content a new lease of life.

Create distinctive web copy — #02

Every brand has a unique problem that needs to be solved; I’ll help you find a solution. These lighthearted staff profiles I wrote for an online-only company quickly helped to build trust.

Web Copy Natalie Smithson

Drive traffic with blog posts — #03

If you want to talk about the good work you’re doing, or demonstrate authority in a certain area, I’ll write shareable content if you don’t have the time or the expertise.

Construct keyword-rich content — #04

You want to be found online, but SEO takes a lot of manpower.  I’ll write headlines and calls to action for your reader as well as the Google bots to help with your campaign.

Help with social media — #05

You need a community to enjoy and share your fantastic content. I can offer training on how to use key social media channels, plus help with content and community management.

Review your CV or profile — #06

LinkedIn Natalie SmithsonEvery word counts when you use social media channels like LinkedIn to represent you or your brand. I can review profiles or your CV to help you stand out from the crowd.

Pimp your product descriptions — #07

Nobody wants the “blue and white pushchair with red trim,” they want the “striking blue and white combo with an eye-catching red outline.” I’m also a consumer who can help you increase sales.

Source your imagery — #08

A trained photographer as well as a writer, I can help you find the right images to best represent your ideas. I’ll source Creative Commons images that don’t infringe on copyright.

Image from Convenience FoodPhotograph by Natalie Smithson: More on flickr

Work with other creatives — #09

Pull together the right team of people and great things can happen. The storyboard ideas I drew below were animated by Slurpy Studios to bring a dry subject to life in video form.

From this…
Natalie Smithson Creative Portfolio
To this…
Natalie Smithson Animation 1

Craft your press releases — #10

You’re working hard to make your business a success, but there’s little time along the way to shout about it. Tell me what you did and I’ll help sing your praises to the world.

Drop me a line about your project.

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