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The Truth On Marketing to Parents

Becoming a parent for the first time feels like somebody ran up behind you, grabbed you by the ankles, and held you upside down. To say your perspective shifts a little is a gross understatement.

Every component of your existence alters slightly and priorities begin to change… like sitting in your own living room with all the objects in a different place.

It doesn’t mean the person behind the parent is gone. In fact, for many, it means they only just arrived… but if brands can’t find a way to understand this truly sizeable shift, their marketing gets them nowhere.

Let’s all move along the bus

There’s an out-dated assumption out there of what people want from life once a baby comes along, especially Mums. Marketing Mums can’t relate to is constantly pushed under their noses to airbrush over the reality of their experience.

It’s time to make room for change…

Get real

Mums and Dads spend a great deal of time fretting over whether they’re any good at being a parent or not: Is it normal their child only eats baked beans, won’t go to sleep, or is freaked out by welly boots? The last thing they want to see is ordered, simplified visions of family life.

Parents make it up as they go along, but they’re shaping the future of their family and need the right tools to make it happen.

Give Mums and Dads an authentic brand they can use to express themselves with in their own unique way and feel good about it.

Cosatto is “saving the world from boring baby stuff” — thank goodness!

No smoke; no mirror

When I write about my own experience of being a Mum, the feedback I get from other parents transcends every division we ordinarily use to describe family.

Age is irrelevant. Gender, inconsequential.

Strip it right back and parents are overwhelmed with fear and devotion. They seek reassurance – genuine, useful assistance to rest easy.

If you can delight parents with products that neither dramatise nor gloss over their quiet anxiety, but demonstrate you know it’s there, they’ll thank you for it.

The Gro Company is “the home of safe sleep” — where all parents want to hang out.

He Said, She Said

In between weighing up evidence for ‘she started it’ and who wrote “BUM” on the wall in red crayon, Mums and Dads just want a bit of straight talking.

They want to know you understand their daily lives.

For this reason, your story is just as important as theirs, so don’t be afraid to tell it…

A whole army of Mums and Dads are stamping out their intentions for the future of their little ones and all they need to know is that you stand with them, no matter how small the victory.

TotsBots nappies are a “fluffier place to pee in” — tell it like it is.

Tea or coffee?

Marketing to parents is just like marketing to a toddler. They make new discoveries every day, learn quickly what they do and don’t want, and will quite happily spit out anything unsavoury back into your lap.

As parents try to figure out who they are and what kind of role model they want to be, they align themselves with brands they feel most comfortable with – the ones who take time to get to know them.

So if you invite parents in — please, make them feel at home.

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